The snow came back this afternoon! Today i just decided that i wanted a calm, nothing happening day. The day have been quite enjoyable just doing what i felt like, nothing more nothing less! But tomorrow is the last day of “vacation” until June! Back to uni from next week and new semester starting in […]

Today have felt like a good day, been enjoying the day working on my game, baking and done laundry! We had leftover saffron so we decided to make some saffron buns! (60 buns to be exact), while the dough was rising i did some laundry and talked to a friend on discord. Tomorrow is Saturday […]

Today was a good day, even though the sun was not up on the sky but it just felt like a good day. The day flew by but i just enjoyed the day without much happening, i think personally it was needed cause i was relaxing. There is 2 more days left on 2019, 2 […]

Today had quite some heavy rain coming down, but still managed to do a walk before it all started. Today at work it was an relaxing day, since it was a calm day i think that everyone enjoyed it and could have fun today. There isnt to much to read in advance for this weeks […]

This Saturday was spent taking it slow cause there wasnt much else to do today. But it felt really nice, the weather wasnt that great and i thought it was gonna start raining all the time so i was just watching some youtube videos while making a small checklist for what i need to do. […]