Sunday its time to remove the christmas!

So today i actually cleaned out the christmas from my appartment, it is now over for now and will be back in December again but yea today it all went into the storage! So christmas is over and all it left behind is abit of a feeling of melancholy and a reflection i have had…… Continue reading Sunday its time to remove the christmas!

Friday Christmas!

Today its christmas eve and for us swedes we celibrate it today, so today i went to my sister to celibrate christmas with just socializing and food! I also got some new pictures and some good utilities for my apartment so i am very happy with this christmas and i hope the rest of you…… Continue reading Friday Christmas!

Friday preparing for saturday!

So yes today work just flew by it feels like, it was such a calm day and people tend to stress to much about stupid things, yes i know cause i do the same! But it all works out in the end just relax! So yes today at work we were supposed to be low…… Continue reading Friday preparing for saturday!

Thursday just enjoying the countdown to vacation…

So today the snow have all but melted sadly and it even came some rain wich doesnt help wich means we gonna get frozen roads and traffic problems up to our necks… But yea today we were outside and the small amount of snow have been replaced with ice pretty much but that doesnt stop…… Continue reading Thursday just enjoying the countdown to vacation…

Saturday christmas is coming

So tomorrow marks the start of the countdown towards christmas. The first candle is lighted. Today i have been putting up some decorations not everything but tomorrow everything is going up. Next week is another week and i believe i have an exam due sometime that week. Slowly but surely we are getting closer to…… Continue reading Saturday christmas is coming