So today is the day we say farewell to the christmas of 2019, the fact that it is now over and in less then 1 week we enter 2020 is insane! Tho all day today i have had a headache that has been coming and going, i am not sure but i probably is coming […]

Today is for many the start of the christmas, for me christmas was yesterday. Tho gotta say that today have been quite relaxing and i like it! Im happy tho, it started snowing abit today so now the ground is white again! For some reason snow makes me feel relaxed and calm so thats a […]

Today I woke up by what i thought someone boiling tea. The screaming sound when it boils, reminded me of my younger years when we visited grandma and she made coffee.. Anyway noone was boiling coffee and i was abit worried that it might be my tinnitus going up in decibels… But it stopped after […]

Today is the 23rd of December the day before christmas eve, in Sweden we celibrate christmas on the 24th. But i dont have any christmas feeling at all, but i probably will feel abit like christmas tomorrow when i put on christmas songs and just take in the general feeling of christmas. Today have been […]

So it is Christmas on Monday! That means a day of music, presents, family, food and more food! But it will be a day that is calm and relaxing, some people stress alot about this day but the most important is to actually just remember to take it slow. After christmas comes the sales! I […]

So this will be a short post cause all i done today is preparing for tomorrow when i will do my last part of the retake exam. Cause this morning i mailed my teacher asking IF i could get 2 extra days to finish the filmed sequence. 5 minutes later i got a reply that […]

To start of this week i have decided to take it slow and do my best this week, now for 3 days in a row i have had a headache but that is probably a combination of lack of sleep and the cold. But it gets better atleast i hope it will.  Yesterdays blogpost was […]