Today have been abit heavy on my mind, i honestly am feeling worried about the state the world currently is in.. Todays weather kinda followed my mindset.. woke up feeling pretty nice and good for the day.. The sun was up it was 18 degrees outside and pretty humid outside.. The problem is i feel […]

So today i used majority of the day to do some reflection on past experiences. One thought that hit me in these times of illness and Corona going around, where people are worried and scared for what will happend. I am of the mindset that i am not to worried cause YES it is a […]

Today i spent reflecting on the fact that time really do fly by without anyone being able to do anything about it. I been a student for almost 2 years now (2 years in January) and it feels insane that 2 years almost have gone by already! I do wonder what would happend if time […]

Today have been a good day, i did abit of reading for Wednesday and Thursday and its intressting to see what the writers are saying in the books. Since it all is about younger kids education reguarding nature sience studies. It is all relative on how each teacher wanna teach just about the nature and […]

So this morning i woke up like always, went outside did some grocery shopping cause we didnt have any ingredients for the sauce for todays lunch. Wich was gonna be salmon and potatoes, well i went out and like yesterday i was feeling pretty good and happy, but when i got home checked my phone […]