So today is actually the last day of vacation from work this year! I have only been of work for a full week this year but it was a good one! Tomorrow it is back to work and i will be working fulltime from tomorrow and until around September and then when uni starts again […]

So today when i woke up i looked around and just felt NOPE this wont do.. So i went out to the store and bought 5 big boxes and when i got home i stuffed them with various things that just lies around taking up space. After this packing and boxing everything i felt it […]

So today started at 9am with lecture about how to introduce kids to the preschool enviorment! After a small introduction we went into smaller groups to discuss our earlier experiences with how we done it. After this was done me and my study group started working on the presentation material we are gonna present later […]

Today was fathers day here in Sweden so i was cleaning the house and fixing some other things aswell. Went out to do some last minute shopping, but at the store it was pure ice… So i almost fell 4 times in 10 meters…. The rest of the day was spent with the family and […]

So this will be a short post cause all i done today is preparing for tomorrow when i will do my last part of the retake exam. Cause this morning i mailed my teacher asking IF i could get 2 extra days to finish the filmed sequence. 5 minutes later i got a reply that […]