Yes today was a good day, finished the chores at home aswell as my written exam that i will be sending in tomorrow and hope it will be good enough for a passing grade. Tomorrow i have plans so im going out for Saturday and Sunday to relax and have alot of discussions, so that […]

Well lazy isnt really accurate for me today… I went and got a book for next weeks exams, i did laundry to prepare for next weeks uni, aswell general grocery shopping… But after all that was done i been taking it slow and relaxing abit. Tomorrow is Monday and i got work tomorrow and Tuesday […]

Yes today was an intensly hot day.. above 20 degrees again… I did some chores today aswell as some laundry since the weather was perfect to let it hang outside to dry. And now we stepped into August wich means its less then one month left before uni starts again and a whole year of […]