Today i woke up didnt have breakfast cause i kinda sleept longer then i should so it was almost time for lunch… Ops… So i made my chores, getting groceries and preparing lunch before getting ready to head on out to my friend. Before i left to go to my friend i sent in my […]

Yes today was a good day, finished the chores at home aswell as my written exam that i will be sending in tomorrow and hope it will be good enough for a passing grade. Tomorrow i have plans so im going out for Saturday and Sunday to relax and have alot of discussions, so that […]

I woke up at 5am! I mean normally it isnt an issue but i didnt have to wake up so why did i… Been busy today tho, helping with tire changing, making lunch, grocery shopping, bits and pieces to do at home and also 2 reflective assignments that i will post tomorrow for uni! But […]

So i am always (when im awake) availible on the program called discord. Wich is a voice + chat program for mainly gamers (think Skype or teamspeak) but better in my opinion. Anyway i been in a call today pretty much all day between chores and food. Talking to my friends and today also someone […]

Yepp today i did alot of chores, groceries, cleaning, washing and tomorrow i am gonna either wash the floors or vacuum or both.. I will be starting to clean out everything cause i just feel like it is neccessary to do that now! I also managed to sit down and breath a few minutes so […]