Friday i think im not feeling ok…

So today i woke up and i felt completely dead like not in the normal tired way but i felt really not like myself so something is still going on, cause when both your parents react that you are not yourself then you probably arent yourself. So i might have gone back to work to…… Continue reading Friday i think im not feeling ok…

Friday now weekend once again!

So now Friday has come again and with it another weekend will take place! Today me and my group finished the group assignment and just need to write everything into a powerpoint so there isnt much more to do before wednesday wich is great! I need to study up on the words and everything for…… Continue reading Friday now weekend once again!

Saturday the final exam has been sent in!

So today i fixed the final exam after the feedback i got and then i sat down read it once more and then sent it in to have it graded… I always am nervous for sending in exams cause you never know how the teachers will grade your exams… But done is done and all…… Continue reading Saturday the final exam has been sent in!

Friday laundry and finishing exam!

Yes today was a good day, finished the chores at home aswell as my written exam that i will be sending in tomorrow and hope it will be good enough for a passing grade. Tomorrow i have plans so im going out for Saturday and Sunday to relax and have alot of discussions, so that…… Continue reading Friday laundry and finishing exam!

Wednesday, where is the gust of wind?!

Yea this has been quite an uneventful day, been doing laundry put away some stuff that is not needed anymore and cleaned out the wardrobe to make some space. I also been enjoying the sunshine abit aswell but there have been no wind at all! This afternoon i opened my window and was hoping to…… Continue reading Wednesday, where is the gust of wind?!