Saturday the final exam has been sent in!

So today i fixed the final exam after the feedback i got and then i sat down read it once more and then sent it in to have it graded…

I always am nervous for sending in exams cause you never know how the teachers will grade your exams…

But done is done and all exams are done! Wich means i have nothing more this semester and i am not taking in the feelings that it is finally Summer Vacation Time!

I have survived the 4th and 5th semester since last summer! Next week is the final week of Uni and then i am free for about 1 month before i start working in July! Then in August i will take a step into the 6th Semester! August or September marks the start of that semester and that will end in mid January! Then and i mean THEN in January starts the final and i mean the FINAL 7th and LAST SEMESTER of uni! Wich will end in June of 2021! June 2021 marks the end of a 3.5 years of adventure and education to get my bachelor degree!

Now i will enjoy this Sunday and i hope you will to!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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