Friday the last day of July!

To be honest today was the final day of July, it is insane that July is already over, that means 7 month of 2020 have now passed already! Now this coming month i will be getting my books and prepare mentally for the final 40 weeks of uni, wich i really hope will be like…… Continue reading Friday the last day of July!

Saturday the final exam has been sent in!

So today i fixed the final exam after the feedback i got and then i sat down read it once more and then sent it in to have it graded… I always am nervous for sending in exams cause you never know how the teachers will grade your exams… But done is done and all…… Continue reading Saturday the final exam has been sent in!

Tuesday another week another opportunity

So today have been intresting, i been productive! Busy but productive! So after lunch i checked my phone and i saw i had a notification from my uni app. Always intresting to see what it was all about! I open and i see its about my exam, and always when i open these my head…… Continue reading Tuesday another week another opportunity