Today is Wednesday wich means lecture day, tho i had some tech issues so i decided to go and work on an exam instead.. Slowly but surely the summer is coming closer and even the exam season is almost here! All of May is filled with exams, but atleast as soon as those are over […]

This week is so nice! Sun is shining, work and a really enjoyable day all together! After work was done it was time to do some grocery shopping and then get home, do some studying and preperation for an exam! I do feel like i am finally slowly getting on track with this semester. Only […]

Today i woke up before my alarm, that normally dont happend.. But i guess my mind decided that i needed to wake up… The project we have to work on for this semester also got updated with some new ways to present it so, that was good! I do wonder what the rest of the […]

This blogpost was delayed due to me being abit busy yesterday! Today was gonna be good i felt when i woke up. I stayed a few minutes extra in bed but it was nice, the birds were singing and the sun was shining from a half gray sky. After breakfast i went out for groceries […]

Today i got my last written exam back, wich i sent in the 8th of May! I was so nervous when i clicked into the exam to check the grade and it was a passing grade! So releaved and happy now there is one more exam that should come back next week! But i also […]

Yes today i finished the exam! It is done and also submitted it back to see if i will pass! I have spent yesterday focusing on the exam, like pin pointing exactly what i missed! Aswell as focusing on what the assignment was telling me. Oh and all day someone was putting twigs and branches […]