Thursday, exam and smoke..

Yes today i finished the exam! It is done and also submitted it back to see if i will pass! I have spent yesterday focusing on the exam, like pin pointing exactly what i missed! Aswell as focusing on what the assignment was telling me.

Oh and all day someone was putting twigs and branches or other things on fire so it was smoke everywhere! Been coughing all day cause of it..

I did check my second retake and now i need to add another word and description for that.. unsure how it will go but hopefully it will be fine!

Tomorrow is last day of my internship aswell, it has been 5 weeks already! Insane how fast it has gone by, but now i just hope the rest of this semester fly by aswell, cause in the beginning of June the summer vacation starts! All of June, July and August free! 3 months of stressfree no worry about uni time!

But now ima head to bed cause im way to tired today, i hope your week been good so far!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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