Wednesday a full day devoted for studies.

Today started with me going to my internship and then 10 minutes later i was asked to go start work on my exam. I worked on exam until 11am then it was lunch and i went back after lunch to continue to study until 3pm, after that i went outside to focus on my internship for the last hour. But my exam is almost done, now i just need to write 100 more words! Started on 0 and ended up with 1700 words that was intressting to actually see it flow as good as it was going. Now i just need to find an article to incorporate into the exam and it will be done!

I do feel better about this text and it has been going better, then last time. So now i will just focus on finishing this exam tomorrow.

When i send this in all i can do is cross my fingers that the teacher think it is good enough 🤐

Now its time to call it a day!