So today is monday and i have actually done something good today! I have actually managed to write up the text for the exam that is needed to be finished before wednesday! But we are 5 people working together so i have atleast contributed with my part. My friend sent me a link to a […]

So the weekend has passed and here i am on day 12 with coughing, being sick.. it is frustrating cause i dont have alot of energy.. I need to have energy cause i wanna do well in uni and be able to work on the side, but these 12 days have been draining. I just […]

So yesterday was Saturday and i had a decent day, but i kept coughing and coughing even with my meds. But i managed to be able to rest alot and watch some really nice videos on youtube. One that melted my heart was this one: Its such an adorable video of how the baby and […]

So its finally here again this day we call Friday, the day where you get off work go home have a glass of something nice, put your feet up high and just feel accomplished that it is finally weekend.  But since i been sick i havent been able to do much the past 1.5 weeks… […]

So today is Wednesday and i almost always have an lecture on Wednesday, but since i am coughing like a madman i joined in through videocall! Sadly it was a fairly boring lecture that kept on repeating the same 5 things over and over for 3 hours… it had a few good bits but mainly […]

So today i been feeling better, mentally anyway and been able to play games today again! Played Maple for 1 hour then i had to take a break and lie down, played 15 minutes of gta but got the worst coughing attack so had to stop and lie down.. and finally managed to get my […]

So i asume alot of people already know that Stan Lee passed away today.. So now we wont see him showing up in future marvel movies 😭 I also am feeling better today from my cold, but that is only cause i currently have taken painkillers and cough meds. But earlier today i couldnt breath […]