Monday a new week has started!

So today is monday and i have actually done something good today! I have actually managed to write up the text for the exam that is needed to be finished before wednesday! But we are 5 people working together so i have atleast contributed with my part. My friend sent me a link to a…… Continue reading Monday a new week has started!

Saturday the relax day

So yesterday was Saturday and i had a decent day, but i kept coughing and coughing even with my meds. But i managed to be able to rest alot and watch some really nice videos on youtube. One that melted my heart was this one: Its such an adorable video of how the baby…… Continue reading Saturday the relax day

Wednesday with lectures from Home.

So today is Wednesday and i almost always have an lecture on Wednesday, but since i am coughing like a madman i joined in through videocall! Sadly it was a fairly boring lecture that kept on repeating the same 5 things over and over for 3 hours… it had a few good bits but mainly…… Continue reading Wednesday with lectures from Home.

Tuesday oh Tuesday

So today i been feeling better, mentally anyway and been able to play games today again! Played Maple for 1 hour then i had to take a break and lie down, played 15 minutes of gta but got the worst coughing attack so had to stop and lie down.. and finally managed to get my…… Continue reading Tuesday oh Tuesday