Monday a new week has started!

So today is monday and i have actually done something good today! I have actually managed to write up the text for the exam that is needed to be finished before wednesday! But we are 5 people working together so i have atleast contributed with my part.

My friend sent me a link to a news site showing a guy who managed to throw the bowling ball the wrong way, step onto the bowling lane, and ALSO the ball didnt stop it went back onto the field and ended up in the gutter… That is what i call bad luck, like really bad luck.

Tomorrow is Tuesday and im gonna call the doctor to book an appointment, gonna also work with my classmates through videocall to finilize our exam. And im gonna try study for the exam we have on Thursday.. So much gonna happend tomorrow!

I am also having a craving to buy a nintendo switch cause the new pokémon game, it lets you ride Arcanine and even Dragonite! Also the game looks gorgeous so that am a BIG plus for me aswell!

I currently am not coughing extremly much but, i dont wanna jinx it so lets say i cough atleast less currently then i have been doing all day!

As a last point in this post ima add a video and hope you enjoy the rest of this Monday, as my Monday soon is over!

Enjoy the The Dragonborn Comes cover by Leah: