Sunday bye weekend..

So the weekend has passed and here i am on day 12 with coughing, being sick.. it is frustrating cause i dont have alot of energy.. I need to have energy cause i wanna do well in uni and be able to work on the side, but these 12 days have been draining.

I just hope that tomorrow im ok and not coughing as much as yesterday or today. But all i can do is hope… tomorrow i gotta finish the exam preperation i have checked the books today atleast so i should be able to write a decent text tomorrow 👍

But tomorrow is Monday again and i do hope that people have had a good weekend, and that you are healthier then i am currently! 

But yea if this cough dont stop by Tuesday i gotta go to a doctor to have a checkup, and maybe get an answer to what is causing this constant cough.

But now i wish you all a good night and hope everyone will have a good start on the new week tomorrow!