Saturday the relax day

So yesterday was Saturday and i had a decent day, but i kept coughing and coughing even with my meds. But i managed to be able to rest alot and watch some really nice videos on youtube. One that melted my heart was this one:

Its such an adorable video of how the baby and the dog are close to eachother all the time!

I also been watching some random videos on youtube and its good that they are funny and all but it doesnt help that if i laugh i cough, so when i found a really funny video i would laugh and cough so i kept laughing and caughing until i was crying. 

I have also been trying to study but hasnt been that successful cause coughing and needing to lay my head down quite often. But today we do a new try to atleast finish 400 words for a future exam. I will also be trying to finish another exam prep either today or tomorrow just so i can rest and hopefully get fully recovered during next week.

Now to a completely new topic and that is MOVIES and GAMES! On the 16th of November the movie “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” had premier and i need to see it in the theaters! The trailer got me hooked so bad! Well francly i saw the trailer when it premiered in London on the Tour of Harry Potter. It was amazing and the final trailer looks amazing and i just wanna see it in the theaters NOW! If you havent seen the trailer here it is: 

Also next year a movie based on a pokémon game is gonna premier aswell and i cant wait for it! The movie is about detective pikachu! The trailer can be seen here: 

So some movies will be seen in the theater in the near future!

But i will be changing topics onto more pokémon related news, if you havent seen that Pokémon Let´s Go Pikachu and Let´s Go Eevee is now out for the nintendo switch! I have also seen some lets plays of the game and i was hesitant to try it, but after seen it in action and the fact it has alot of elements i been wanting in a pokémon game for a long time I WANT IT BADLY! But to play it i will have to get my hands on a switch and the games so we will see what i can do about that.

Also here is the trailer and a lets play (1st episode) i been watching of Pokémon Let´s Go Pikachu and Eevee:

Walkthrough first episode, the game looks amazing!

As a final note for this long blogpost, i will be writing 1 more blogpost today later this evening to compensate for the lack of the post yesterday!