Friday oh Friday

So its finally here again this day we call Friday, the day where you get off work go home have a glass of something nice, put your feet up high and just feel accomplished that it is finally weekend. 

But since i been sick i havent been able to do much the past 1.5 weeks… except sleeping, resting, napping and more sleeping… 

Today i found out that the meds i taken for my cough could potentially be harmfull to me and end up giving me am amonia… Well new medicin bought… tasted like drinkable forest.. not the nicest thing i tasted in my life but atleast it helps! 

I also decided i will give video creating a new try starting from next week or the week after. You can find a link to the new Youtube channel where all the videos are gonna be uploaded on the following page:

But now it is weekend again and i aim to finish some uni assignments, and i hope everyone will have a nice weekend.