Today have taken quite a toll on me, i woke up and i could hardly move my arms. Probably been sleeping weirdly.. But this cold have made its way to my vocal cords so i am really hoarse.. probably will be for the next week or so. Tomorrow is lecture day and Thursday is retake […]

Yes since Friday my coughing and throat and general condition have been getting worse and worse. But today it was bad i had to go out to do some grocery shopping and my whole body screamed i should just go and lie in bed. For the remaining day i been taking it slow and just […]

Yepp since yesterday i gotten worse… runny nose, dry cough and a slight headache that comes and goes.. I just hope i feel better tomorrow, even tho i dont have any hunger i force myself to eat due to the fact i need to get better by tomorrow… But we will see tomorrow! Hope everyone […]

Feeling abit better today, but my throat feels like sandpaper and i keep coughing.. Been taking it slow today aswell, been talking to some people atleast and even tho i coughed and coughed they didnt mind it that much.. tho i was told my coughs sound like a dog bark.. Tomorrow is Monday and i […]

So since yesterday with alot of sleep and a whole nights sleep ontop of that i felt better.. Today i been taking it slow aswell, coughing alot again, but its more like a dry cough wich is really annoying.. Tomorrow is Sunday and gonna take a slow day again and hopefully i will feel better […]

So yesterday i was feeling pretty okey, but today have been a downhill for my wellbeing… i woke up and went down had breakfast didnt feel anything, but that changed quickly. After the breakfast i started coughing and just felt like something was stuck in my throat, then i had to go out for grocery […]

So today is monday and i have actually done something good today! I have actually managed to write up the text for the exam that is needed to be finished before wednesday! But we are 5 people working together so i have atleast contributed with my part. My friend sent me a link to a […]

So the weekend has passed and here i am on day 12 with coughing, being sick.. it is frustrating cause i dont have alot of energy.. I need to have energy cause i wanna do well in uni and be able to work on the side, but these 12 days have been draining. I just […]

So yesterday was Saturday and i had a decent day, but i kept coughing and coughing even with my meds. But i managed to be able to rest alot and watch some really nice videos on youtube. One that melted my heart was this one: Its such an adorable video of how the baby and […]