Tuesday not feeling for anything today

So today after work i got home start my computer and just feels like, no today i am not doing more then 2 things. So i did those 2 things and then i went onto youtube and listened to some good songs, sad but good ones that i connect with. I wanna leave the songs…… Continue reading Tuesday not feeling for anything today

Saturday looking forward.

So these past few days and weeks have been amazing for me, i have felt motivated, energetic, positive. Tho there have been times when i just wanted to stop and not do it, i have kept pushing on. So i have in between studies and all that i have been working on youtube videos, twitch…… Continue reading Saturday looking forward.

Social media promote!

So i know i dont really promote my own work and much less my social media channels that i use on a pretty much daily basis! So today i decided ima take this post and do some selfpromotion cause i feel i wanna do it! Seeing as it is easter and i this week done…… Continue reading Social media promote!

Tuesday study and being abit creative…

So today i was abit all over the place, couldnt really focus to long due to the start of the day.. But managed to go through this weeks lecture material atleast, and check some more thing.. for tomorrow wich is gonna be a discussion seminar. I also got back into creativity and made some sketches…… Continue reading Tuesday study and being abit creative…

Sunday calm good day.

This night was not the best, kept waking up several times. But my stomach was hurting i probably i ate to much yesterday evening. The rest of the day was kept infront of youtube and a movie before i went home. Had a great weekend and tomorrow is a day at Uni! //Dan