Saturday a day filled with music.

So i have been using today to just enjoy music and if i look back 15 years i didnt really thought much about music, like i didnt really listen to it and if i did it was only for temporary moments.

But that all changed when i turned 16 and had to go by bus every day to school.

The song Nemo by Nightwish aswell as numb by linkin park were two of the best songs back in those days.

But nowadays music is almost constantly around me in one way or another, Spotify helps me get through some days and youtube helps me on others.

Rock, nightcore, pop, techno, instrumental, etc etc types are all on lists, i know people are pretty anti nightcore and i agree not all songs should be made into nightcore… But there are some songs that really become better in that type.

Smash into pieces are one of my current favorite bands and they do make some amazing music and lyrics, so i suggest you to go on youtube/Spotify and look them up!

Tomorrow is Sunday and that means it is the final day of my only free week this Summer! Cause on Monday i start work!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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