So i have been using today to just enjoy music and if i look back 15 years i didnt really thought much about music, like i didnt really listen to it and if i did it was only for temporary moments. But that all changed when i turned 16 and had to go by bus […]

Today have been a good day, i did abit of reading for Wednesday and Thursday and its intressting to see what the writers are saying in the books. Since it all is about younger kids education reguarding nature sience studies. It is all relative on how each teacher wanna teach just about the nature and […]

Today was the day when my group from uni had booked in a meeting, to discuss the exam. We started at 8:15am this morning, and we did a quick progress and then we finished around 11 maybe 12 i cant remember what the time was. Side assignments and all to prepare for the big exam […]