Sunday life and emotions changes with time..

Here I am again reflecting on life and especially my own.. Its been a weird few days/week for me emotionalwise anyway. I have been thinking more and more about relationships and what I am looking for really in one. I also starting thinking what type of person do I wanna date and end up in…… Continue reading Sunday life and emotions changes with time..

Saturday boosting my confidence abit.

So yea i have been battling alot with my selfesteem and confidence for pretty much all my life up until last year, i grew tired of feeling like i was worthless and looked down upon all the time. Then it hit me i dont have to prove myself to anyone except myself. Aslong as i…… Continue reading Saturday boosting my confidence abit.

Tuesday realising your own flaws..

So yes i am are here again to discuss strenghs and flaws. Well to be correct my flaws and strenghs. Its been 5 weeks already and the final days run by like there is no tomorrow for this internship and well thats actually true, i am doing my final internship and these are the final…… Continue reading Tuesday realising your own flaws..

Thursday final day with mariokart!

Today marks the 5th and final day of hanging out with my friend just watching movies and playing mariokart. But it has been 5 really good days with alot of personal reflections and discussions aswell. It is important to take time for personal health and your friends, and these 5 days have boosted my mental…… Continue reading Thursday final day with mariokart!

Saturday i feel not like myself..

It all started yesterday, i put a small note that my thoughts ruined my day completely. Well today was simular but i wasnt mad or annoyed i felt scared and alone, even tho i know i am not alone and even tho i know i have people i can talk to i feel like i…… Continue reading Saturday i feel not like myself..

Friday today is Friday!

Today was the day when my group from uni had booked in a meeting, to discuss the exam. We started at 8:15am this morning, and we did a quick progress and then we finished around 11 maybe 12 i cant remember what the time was. Side assignments and all to prepare for the big exam…… Continue reading Friday today is Friday!

Saturday, stream and a throat that are against me.

So today i woke up with my throat hurting really badly. It does not help that i woke up at 6:30am cause of that either. Anyway enough of the negative morning and onto what has been a pretty good day! I did a stream again and today was a good day where new faces and…… Continue reading Saturday, stream and a throat that are against me.