Tuesday a day of work and education!

Today had some intresting content in itself. I had some free creation with a group and it was fun. The day just flew past and suddenly it was time for our afternoon discussion to broaden our understanding of our work that we do every single day. I got home and the it was time for…… Continue reading Tuesday a day of work and education!

Wednesday seminar about Dance and Theatrical education!

Today was a intresting day, we got practical education on how to use Dance and Theatrical subjects in our line of work. Much improvisation but also alot of hands on tips and trix to think and reflect about. Half the week is already over, now 2 more days of this week is left and then…… Continue reading Wednesday seminar about Dance and Theatrical education!

Thursday final day with mariokart!

Today marks the 5th and final day of hanging out with my friend just watching movies and playing mariokart. But it has been 5 really good days with alot of personal reflections and discussions aswell. It is important to take time for personal health and your friends, and these 5 days have boosted my mental…… Continue reading Thursday final day with mariokart!

Wednesday a lecture with intresting facts.

So today started at 7am and then at 8:30 I was ready for the lecture. Todays lecture actually lead to some discussion about how we in the future position as a preschoolteacher should be working on how to handle harrassments and threats and tough things like that. Cause let us face it these things happend…… Continue reading Wednesday a lecture with intresting facts.

Wednesday an intresting lecture.

Todays lecture was intresting cause it actually was about the quality assurance a teacher have to do together with the collegues all the year and all the time. There was discussions and information that all made this intresting and something to actually look forward doing. But tomorrow is retake exam, the last retake exam for…… Continue reading Wednesday an intresting lecture.