Sunday thinking back…

So 3 days into the new year and its time to think back on the past already.

Before i go into todays topic i just wanna say that i know i have a tendency to do these posts but thats just my nature! Anyway lets get into the past!

So today i am thinking back onto when i was in my early teens namely 14 probably more like 15 years old, i was a timid, silent boy back then. If im gonna be honest i didnt really have any place i belonged in my class if im gonna be honest, i just went with the flow.

Its not that i ever felt the need to socialize with people or even felt the need to be inclueded, but it was nice when i was. Tho going into highschool that was when i was dragged into hanging out with my friends i still have to this day. I dont think there was alot of boring days during those 3 years!

But yea those were fun days, but i am now here again reflecting on my future and the choises i done so far, and i still am second guessing my current choise cause even tho i spent 3 YEARS studying for something i really like doing i am still questioning it and deep down i dont know why. I think that 2020 killed something within me to the part where motivation and hope went out the window.

Its less then 6 months left now and i will do my best to survive these months, how it will turn out is another question and i shall keep you all updated about it!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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