So today i fixed the final exam after the feedback i got and then i sat down read it once more and then sent it in to have it graded… I always am nervous for sending in exams cause you never know how the teachers will grade your exams… But done is done and all […]

So i finished part one quite fast today and then the real issue appeared! Second part of the exam was abit tricky not in terms of difficulty but it was a tricky part in there that took quite some time to get passed.. Well finished with that and the writing went fine and now i […]

Today i have been working on the final exam for this semester. It only has 2 parts but the first part is quite big and it has taken me the majority of today to finish part 1 halfway.. Tomorrow i aim to finish this exam, it will be tough but i will do my best […]

So today i spent all day finishing recording, fixing, changing, recording and so on and when i finally was done with the Powerpoint… well then i noticed i needed to change the power point into a mp4 file so instead of spending 2 hours using the converter buildin power point i recorded my screen with […]

So today i spent at work, it was great and it is intresting everytime i work it really shows how much every new day is different! When i got home i kept working on the exam and managed to finish an text i will be reading in camera to be sent in… but i wasnt […]

So today i been working on the exam that is due in 10 days! It is a digital exam wich i been struggling with for the past few weeks now… But today it started coming together! We have a 20 minute timer to go deeper into 4 points. I have finished writing about 3 of […]

Today i been sitting once again with the exam and just trying to get something down… the problem is nothing happends, no ideas nothing pops up and i sit hour upon hour now trying to finish this .. I am reading the exam details and i try come up with something but nope im drawing […]