Yea its coming closer and closer and in 8 weeks my uni life is over! Hopefully with a degree under my helt and my head held high! I am by no means not proud of what i have accomplished these 3.5 years, all exams i passed, all new people i met, teachers that been supportive, […]

Well i didnt really know what to write in this post today and neither did something of fun happend but i did realise time flies by without slowing down and it made me fall back abit. So yea i am in the middle of writing a thesis 1 week have already passed and i have […]

So yea i feel like something is off this week more then usual but not like normally, where i can place it onto either a feeling, my mindset or something else but nope i am just feeling completely off. I have started abit small with looking through the books i have at my disposal currently […]

So yea i decided to put on a playlist and just have it playing all day and yea some parts of the songs i had to vibe with and just sing along to cause it was good music.. But yea its now officially 10 weeks left of uni, like it feels so surreal that i […]

So yea i kinda had no energy at all today like, i have been drained completely and just been forced in lieing in bed.. All times for a selftest was taken today when i checked so i booked one for tomorrow so yea. Hopefully that will be fine! Tomorrow i gotta finish my last exam […]

So today even with a bad voice and a hurting throat i managed to get through a 10 minute presentation without losing my voice.. But yea tomorrow ima go do a test and see if this is just allergies/common flu or covid… But yea i decided to take the rest of the week of and […]

So yea today have been spent with getting and preparing food, watching something on netflix aswell as playing some marioparty and it has been good enough to actually spend the day doing that. It has been exactly what was needed for the day and now i am preparing myself for next week as we have […]

So here i am again, its sunday the 14th of March. Snow on the ground and +7 degrees celsius outside its a nice weather. But im feeling stressed and worried… not like worried about life but worried about exams and my thesis coming up.. I feel abit cold as my body rejects warmth for some […]

Yea if i knew what the future held or even what i should be doing outside of my already forced tasks.. I do wonder if life would be easier? I dont really feel at peace currently but thats cause there is so much things going on that i cant even comprehend whats going on currently! […]