So 3.5 years ago i didnt think I would get to this day at all… But here i am after struggling through essays,semesters and retakes! Today I leave the world of being a student and starts a fulltime emplyment on Monday! I signed a permanent contract today with a new position and a new payraise.…… Continue reading Friday GRADUATIONDAY!

Thursday the thesis is done!

After reading my thesis 4 times again after adding all information, comments and feedback I feel im done, I cant do more, I dont wanna do more and im content with it! Today after work at 17:58 I sent my thesis in to be graded! Nothing more can be done, and I will stop thinking…… Continue reading Thursday the thesis is done!

Wednesday extra work and fixing the last on the thesis!

Yea today is the second to last day i will be working on my thesis! I have a friend who is proof reading it and checking spelling and sentence structures. But yea my plan is to finish it tomorrow and submit it so I will be done with uni until I get my grade later…… Continue reading Wednesday extra work and fixing the last on the thesis!

Monday im feeling abit stressed…

So yea final week have started! Already im stressing and have been stressing since Saturday evening about the small changes i have to do on my thesis. I DONT NEED TO STRESS ABOUT IT! But yea my brain is secondguessing myself alot right now and I have nightmares about my thesis its not fun right…… Continue reading Monday im feeling abit stressed…

Sunday for the love of … let me sleep!

Yea I couldnt sleep last night! I was awake until about 4:30 then I was woken up at 6am CAUSE THE TV WAS HAVING ISSUES 6AM! I got to sleep 1.5 hours yay?! And I couldnt go back to sleep… Then at 9:30 I was asked if I was awake and I just said: “Yea…… Continue reading Sunday for the love of … let me sleep!

Saturday its so hot…

Yes the weather have turned around and its gotten really hot already! I cant sit at my computer as its to hot in my house currently. So hopefully I will be able to write abit in the evening or tomorrow instead! But yea this is my final weekend as a student!? It feels weird but…… Continue reading Saturday its so hot…

Friday the final seminar!

Its been a long road but I made it! The final opposing seminar started 8:30am with an introduction then it was my turn to give feedback onto another persons thesis and it just went fine, it was a good seminar with great feedback and discussions. I got good feedback wich I will be able to…… Continue reading Friday the final seminar!