So todays blogpost is about Friday and its going up on Saturday night sorry! Today was the final day of the week and i had internship and got to hangup the art we created and it felt so good! The amount of pride and happiness in their eyes were amazing and it made me so […]

So today again we made some more art in the theme of ice and snow! Its great fun seeing the creative art they make! I got them a big bucket of snow to start with and well today i had to get a second one! The inspiration hit and they kept going and creating for […]

So today the snow was falling like no tomorrow, but it was a day filled with good ideas and inspirations! I have a theme at my internship where i need to incorporate snow and ice somehow into activities and well i have a passion for creative things so i decided to paint on snow, wich […]

Today was a good day, i got to learn new things and also i learned that there are some fun things you can entertain with in a snowy landscape! Outside its now snowing just abit, and its full activity all around the area. After a while i sit down in the snow on my knees […]

So yes now i have officially started the final semester of this bachelor degree! This semester starts with 5 weeks of internship and it is nice to meet the kids again and my mentor and the collegues! It is gonna be exciting to spend 5 weeks here and see what i learn, able to do […]

So i think this semester have taught me new things but not everything have been good. I have been thinking up and down inside out about various things but yes, this semester did taught me intresting things that i will take with me. But it also taught me things i dont even know where to […]

So vacation is over and its back to work, i feel abit more relaxed and its been well needed but 2.5 weeks have gone by so fast… Today we sat in meetings all day so that was fun! Now the day is over and im exausted doesnt feel like im rested at all no idea […]