So yea today at work around lunch i got a really bad headache and i was thinking if it just was my bloodsugar that was acting up cause i didnt had eaten anything yet.. But that wasnt the case so it ended up with me having to go and buy painkillers and take one. The […]

So yea today was work again, and well i noticed im more tentative about work the past few days. I dont know why but i feel relaxed and really happy, more focused on the tasks ahead of me wich have been great fun! I feel really calm and the weather the past few days have […]

So yea today at work was really nice, i was at work and the sun was shining and it was really nice outside and i couldnt really wait to go outside cause the weather was really nice! We were outside and the sunshine was even warming abit so i could feel it is now spring […]

Today was a really nice day, the sky was blue the sun was shining and a trip to the forest was on the menu. I got home after work and relaxed abit before i had to head back to work cause a meeting. Got home after the meeting and i thought i had ate something […]

Well were to begin, for the past 2 days now we had snow and it have been great cause it really removes alot of the dark grey feeling that sticks around this time of the year. But today when i woke up the snow was gone and there was a combination of grey clouds with […]

So yesterday was snow and today it was blue skies, sunshine and a really cold -9 degree wind blowing.. I hope we get more of these days this winter with some more snow so we can make use of the Hills and Forest roads to rush down from! But now weekend and i am gonna […]

So this title might seem like its not something big, but it is i havent seen the sun for about 2 or 3 weeks it is something you might take for granted when your used to it. But i also felt like now the sun might shine some! But no that morning sun was all […]

Today started pretty calming and it continued being better, i was pretty good energywise. The sunshine was shining the afternoon before i stopped working, it was even tho it had been -2 degrees celsius this morning and now it was pretty warm outside, it was a great fall day! I hope we get a few […]

Today was a good day, sun was shining, but it was so hot so it almost felt unberable. So i stood in water and that cooled me down thankfully! I also have started reading the books in advance for when uni starts again. Slowly but surely i am getting through the books for the first […]