Today started pretty calming and it continued being better, i was pretty good energywise. The sunshine was shining the afternoon before i stopped working, it was even tho it had been -2 degrees celsius this morning and now it was pretty warm outside, it was a great fall day! I hope we get a few […]

Today was a good day, sun was shining, but it was so hot so it almost felt unberable. So i stood in water and that cooled me down thankfully! I also have started reading the books in advance for when uni starts again. Slowly but surely i am getting through the books for the first […]

Today i been working and the weather was just amazing! Sunshine, slight breeze, not blistering hot but just perfect! I just enjoyed the sunshine and everything during the day, Monday went by pretty fast and tomorrow is Tuesday wich means i have my closing shift. So now i will call it a day and tomorrow […]

Today was a great day, weatherwise anyway. I started working at 7:30am and then at work har breakfast and after breakfast was over i went outside and it was just so nice. The sun slowly getting warmer and the animals (birds and ants) getting more active it was great! The day went pretty fast and […]

So this morning the weather was a real combo… one second sunshine and warm, the next second thick clouds and chilling winds with rain.. This weather continued all day into the afternoon and then around 4pm the sky opened and the rain started pouring down heavily! But that lasted for litterly 3 minutes before the […]

The theme for this weeks blogposts will probably and most likely be weather. Today was such a weird weather i saw the blue sky and sunshine between the grey clouds and i was thinking, maybe today we finally will not get some rain and can enjoy being outside! We went out, a while later the […]

Today started with sunshine and some calm winds and a pretty nice 13 degrees outsides… We went out for a walk it was great weather and the temperature had increased quite nicely so it was really enjoyable to take the walk. Then i had to go back abit earlier cause i had to prepare before […]