So yea this will be a short day and just wanna say it snowed today! Not that wet kind of snow but the fluffy one that is so much fun to throw up in the air to create snow clouds! I had a blast in the snow today lets see what tomorrow brings! Hope you […]

So today the snow was falling like no tomorrow, but it was a day filled with good ideas and inspirations! I have a theme at my internship where i need to incorporate snow and ice somehow into activities and well i have a passion for creative things so i decided to paint on snow, wich […]

Today was a good day, i got to learn new things and also i learned that there are some fun things you can entertain with in a snowy landscape! Outside its now snowing just abit, and its full activity all around the area. After a while i sit down in the snow on my knees […]

Yepp it was fun while it lasted, but now the snow has started melting away at fast speed so i once again see the gras. I would rather have the snow stay cause it lights up the town in a nice way during the evenings. But hopefully we get more snow and that it stays […]

So today at work was so much fun seeing as we got some more snow and it kept staying at below 0 Celsius! Was great and lead to so much laughter and fun time! When i finished work and walked home it started raining abit so that was less great, but atleast the snow stayed […]

So today was intresting, snow is still on the ground but the weather is heating up again so now its a few degrees + Celsius wich means the snow is melting… Luckily now on the afternoon the temperature dropped so its now cold again and the snow will stay! Its already better then last year […]

So the cold has come and the frost and snow is now on the ground making the world abit brighter, after all the grey boring nature scen it is refreshing seeing white and sparkling world envelope my town. But christmas is coming closer and that means time off from work and spent together with family. […]