Yes i will be a true Swede and complain abit about the weather.. So the past days have been quite intresting reguarding weather since April started 5 days ago.. We have had snow, hail, rain, sunshine, fog, thunder, cloudless skies, grey skies.. it has been every kind of weather… Like when we got snow, i […]

I thought the snow would have melted away already BUT nope it still is here! Today i did have a long work week tho and it was good and all! I learned something new today and that is how fun it is to make an improvised gym mobility course. It is a course where you […]

Today was a good day weatherwise anyway! The snow was still on the ground, but it had started melting so there was huge water pools on the yard.. This week has some intressting subjects so i will see how this weeks lecture will turn out to be. Hopefully i will manage to finish 2 or […]

Yesterday evening it started snowing, and it actually kept snowing all night until around 11am today! The ground is covered in snow and it is a perfect kind of snow that lets you build different things. When i went out for groceries i saw that several people made snowmen around town. It looked quite nice […]

Today i woke up freezing, it was really cold outside.. (Where is my sun and warm weather?…) Groceries was needed to do and lunch i had to ingest before going out for the remaining of the day. The sky was grey and the wind abit cold and something was hanging in the air. Wich was […]

Yes this mornings lectures started at 8:30am with an exam in how to handle conflicts! It was a really nice and intresting exam. It did teach me how an conflict goes through 3 stages (either up or down) and how to work on resolving them. After that was done i had to go to have […]

Today started really good, the sunrise was shining through some clouds on the horizon and colored the sky bright orange/red. It looked so peaceful and awesome, i am abit weak for these type of mornings! The temperature was -7 degrees so it was really nice to walk in! The day continued and it started snowing […]

I know its the fall season and all but it should not be this cold now as it is! I woke up to 0.6 degrees and i was freezing from inside out litterly! I went up sat next to the heater and still was freezing my feet and hands of, it was so freaking cold! […]

Yes today i went to my old workplace and got the people working there to read my exam and come with feedback and input. Took 1 hour to work through the text, but the ideas and improvements to the text were good! Now im waiting for another person to finish reading and coming with feedback […]