Today is for many the start of the christmas, for me christmas was yesterday. Tho gotta say that today have been quite relaxing and i like it! Im happy tho, it started snowing abit today so now the ground is white again! For some reason snow makes me feel relaxed and calm so thats a […]

Yes now that the extreme heat left us and we got over 10mm of rain last night its much cooler outside now. Today when i woke up it was 13 degrees! And top temperature was 15 so much cooler today compared to yesterday. Been enjoying the day and just relaxed since i was off work […]

Today i enjoyed the day which was warm but cloudy! I been staring at the clouds listning to a podcast today and reflecting over some things today. It is intresting the clouds just slowly drift either fast or they just seem to be stuck, it was quite enjoyable just sitting back and enjoy watching them. […]

Today started quite nice, abit of sun and clouds BUT that turned quickly and no clouds and sun and 35 degrees in the sun blasting into my window from 1pm until 8pm! My room was hot like really hot! Luckily i have my small table fan to blast me with some cold enjoyable air! I […]