Yea so today… well today have been… what i wanna say is… NOPE i have no idea for todays post cause today nothing happend… well something did happend and it was intresting. So i havent been streaming for the past 6 months, cause well uni and life got in the way. But today i just […]

So these past few days and weeks have been amazing for me, i have felt motivated, energetic, positive. Tho there have been times when i just wanted to stop and not do it, i have kept pushing on. So i have in between studies and all that i have been working on youtube videos, twitch […]

Yes since i was up with stomach ache until 2am and i crashed asleep after that you can see att i call this a long day, i woke up at 6 again and from there my day continued.. I didnt really do much tho, i did groceries and walked abit while playing wizards unite! I […]

Today been another relaxing day! I feel refreshed and calm in myself for once! Today i did like yesterday, woke up made lunch and dessert! Went and streamed took a small break had dinner and streamed again! Been a good day, tomorrow ima read for wednesday aswell as work on the retake exam to send […]

Today i been enjoying the day, had lunch, did a stream, had dinner, did a stream. Just enjoyed this Saturday without doing anything really! I did do some creative stuff! Some monsters from maplestory 🙂 Tomorrow is another day where i plan to not do to much! And next week is gonna fly past so […]

Today i finished reading another litterature for next weeks exams. I still have a few texts left but i will be finishing them tomorrow 👍 Like yesterday i did a creative stream and i did wanna create a wolf avatar but quickly i changed my mind and decided to make my maplestory character instead! It […]