Saturday boosting my confidence abit.

So yea i have been battling alot with my selfesteem and confidence for pretty much all my life up until last year, i grew tired of feeling like i was worthless and looked down upon all the time. Then it hit me i dont have to prove myself to anyone except myself. Aslong as i…… Continue reading Saturday boosting my confidence abit.

Sunday the stream went longer then i thought!

So today i woke up around 9am and went out to do groceries and some other things i had to do. Todays lunch was a simple dish but we made dessert aswell! Was an awesome start of this Sunday. I also reflected abit today cause i have been quite insecure about somethings that is fairly…… Continue reading Sunday the stream went longer then i thought!

Thursday exam quiz.

So this morning i woke up at 8:30am just so i would have 30 minutes to mentally prepare myself for the quiz that was about to start. At 8:55 the quiz opened and instructions stated 2 hours, 30 questions 24 correct answers means passing grade. The quiz took me 1 hour and 25 minutes to…… Continue reading Thursday exam quiz.

Wednesday, lecture and gamle.

So Wednesday again, started with a lecture wich i had to join through ny phone again. Being sick is horrible, i wanna meet my classmates again 😥 anyhow todays lecture was about how we should adapt different things so that everyone could be inclueded. There was also a discussion about what exclusion and handicaps really…… Continue reading Wednesday, lecture and gamle.