Tuesday okay time to talk..

So slowly i am closing in on my 2nd year anniversary (in October it will be 2 years) of blogging and it has felt like it has gone by so fast! (I know there is like 6 months left) but i feel like time really go by fast!

But today i wanna reach out and just lift something off my chest that has been bugging me a week or so.

Cause i have a spam filter and yes the reason i took down the contact me page was cause the amount of spam was getting truely riddiculous and francly just annoying.

I do check the people who seem like they arent a bot but in the spamfilter the message is just.. Yepp a bot again. So i am grateful it excist and the spam is less wich i am glad about. But all spam is pretty much about making money from this…

I am just gonna say this here as a final note, i dont blog, stream, make videos or anything to make money! I blog, stream and make videos cause i really like doing it. We are all humans and some do it for profit, while others like me do it for the pure fun, happiness and energy these activity gives.

So yes i blog, make videos and streaming not to become the best at it, i do it cause i enjoy it and i have fun doing it. I live after the saying “Do something you love doing and not something you are forced to do”

Now tomorrow i probably have some news to share, but for now i hope you are staying safe and that you are taking care of yourself!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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