Social media promote!

So i know i dont really promote my own work and much less my social media channels that i use on a pretty much daily basis! So today i decided ima take this post and do some selfpromotion cause i feel i wanna do it! Seeing as it is easter and i this week done…… Continue reading Social media promote!

Sunday youtube and games.

So today i uploaded 2 new Uno games onto my youtube channel, i gotta say its fun being back to make the videos, even tho i cant talk yet i will soon be starting the letsplay serie of Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet wich one the vote i had on my twitter: So that…… Continue reading Sunday youtube and games.

Sunday, no energy and a small panic attack.

So today is Sunday and i am currently abit worried about next week, i emailed my teacher saying i wont be attending tomorrows lecture but that i would be coming for Tuesday. BUT since 10am this morning i have been coughing and coughing and coughing and i am just completely fatigued.. So i might have…… Continue reading Sunday, no energy and a small panic attack.

Saturday various new challenges.

So today is Saturday and i was like should i buy a Nintendo Switch today? But i will wait cause hopefully it will go lower in price… right…  I also edited and uploaded the first video on my new youtube channel! Also made several playlists in advance for the games i will be doing lets…… Continue reading Saturday various new challenges.