Sunday, no energy and a small panic attack.

So today is Sunday and i am currently abit worried about next week, i emailed my teacher saying i wont be attending tomorrows lecture but that i would be coming for Tuesday. BUT since 10am this morning i have been coughing and coughing and coughing and i am just completely fatigued.. So i might have to take a retake exam on the exams i have on Tuesday. But i really dont wanna so i have been trying to get well for the past few weeks. But on Tuesday i been sick for 4 weeks a whole month with constant coughing. Wich is horrible and now i have not been coughing that hard since i ate dinner but i just started coughing again… So we will see tomorrow morning will be the make or break for me litterly…

So today i also been taking it easy, watched alot of animé and movies and drinking warm drinks aswell, but i have no energy since i been caughing for 4 weeks so my mental energy and physical energy is completely gone. I just wanna become healthy again so i can enjoy everything but yea thats all i can do hope and take it easy in order to become healthy.

I have also been watching alot of youtube videos and i keep watching videos of lets go Eevee and Pikachu, and the game looks so amazing and everyone play it their way and its really fun to see!

I also have uploaded the first videos on my new youtube channel so feel free to check them out.

Well this been my day and i will be back tomorrow with a new blog post!