Saturday various new challenges.

So today is Saturday and i was like should i buy a Nintendo Switch today? But i will wait cause hopefully it will go lower in price… right… 

I also edited and uploaded the first video on my new youtube channel! Also made several playlists in advance for the games i will be doing lets plays off! Gonna be exciting to be doing alot of different games! But i will do it like this: Monday to Friday is streaming days and Saturday and Sundays i will be uploading videos! For now i will be uploading UNO videos that i played with my friend Joshi aka Lyshi in the video.

I also tried some new games today but they will come in future lets play videos! 

I have also decided that i will stay home 1 extra day to hopefully recover abit more before the exams on Tuesday! 

Hope you have had/ are having a nice Saturday!