Monday retake exam, working meds and Fury is coming on November 27th!

So today is Monday and this morning i woke up and i noticed i now NOT only have a cough but i have a cold aswell… Yay this meant that i am gonna miss the exam that is tomorrow Tuesday and that just destroyed me completely… 

On the positive side i just hope that this will be the last week i will be ill cause i have no more energy for being sick, and i need to get healthy again cause i have tons of things i gotta do. 

I hope that atleast you all are healthy and stay healthy and dont fall for the common cold that are around currently. One positive thing is that my meds are finally working in order to stop me from coughing my lungs out atleast!

I emailed my teacher and she sent back what i have to do for the retake exam, need to hand it in latest the 17th of December so i should be able to do it before that. I need to write a 2000 word essay, hold a lesson with kids that will envolve movement, and since i have a perfect workplace for that i should be able to do it just fine! 

I am saving up money to buy some christmas gifts aswell but got abit less then 1 month to do that so should be fine!

Tomorrow the 27th of November a game i have been looking forward for since i saw it was gonna come is Dark Siders III, it looks amazing i will leave the trailer here so that YOU can judge for yourself!

I hope that you have a nice start on your week, and i shall be back tomorrow with a new blogpost.