Tuesday i tried a new game

So today was Tuesday and i was supposed to be doing an exam today but i gotten a cold ontop of this cough so i been dead today. Headache, coughs, shivers, no energy. So simply put the cold symtoms…

But i did play some euro trycker 2 wich is a relaxing game. All you do is drive trucks with shipments to various towns, if you drive to fast you will get ticked tho, but its fun after you earned some money a ticket or two or even 5 wont bother you to much! 

I have also been planing when to do my retake exam, wich i aim to do during next week just so i have it done and can focus on the last subject for this semester. 

This subject is gonna go on from next week until the 23 of January and then next semester starts imediatly, but i only have 5 semesters left and then i am done with my degree. Wich is insane since its already soon been a year since i started! Only 2.5 years left 😮

Tomorrow is Wednesday and i hope to be able to stream but all depends on my voice if it holds up since i dont really have a voice currently! 😨