Wednesday the winter is coming!

So today is Tuesday and the cold have taken a grip around Sweden. It was close to -12 degrees at my place today! It was so cold but the trees outside was all white from the cold weather and there was sun so they where glistening and it looks so peaceful. Thats the most positive thing with the winter when it is as darkest the snow lies on the tree like a blanket and makes it look so beautiful!

I also streamed for the first time since last week, was fun and i played the game Yooka-Laylee wich is about a lizard/cameleon and a bat who is looking for a book that was stolen from them, and now they gotta assemble the pages to turn it back into itself again. It is an adorable game wich i quite enjoyed to play during the stream. I will be making a lets play serie of the game on my youtube channel later!

I ordered 3 books for my next subject today aswell, and that subject is going on from next week until week 3. So that is exciting to see what it will involve and how much i will learn from it!

I found images that can be used as background for next month but need to decide wich one. So i will put them below here and if you feel like it you can vote by writing it in comments what image i should use for December background!

For this vote 1
For this vote 2
For this vote 3
For this vote 4