Thursday Memories of Fable

So this evening i was gonna stream some Subnautica but the frames kept jumping like crazy, so i had to pick another game. I scroll through my steam library and stumble across “Fable Anniversary” and start the game up. Instantly i am thrown back several years, i havent played the first Fable game in probably over 7-8 years if not longer. It was so fun i remembered the details as i started up the first mission, and playing with my Xbox one controller made the game feel so much more fun! 

I love the Fable games cause they really have something i love, namely the fact that everything you do ingame affects your character im some way! If you do alot of Good deeds you will emit and aura of godness and people will sheer you on as you walk by. If you go the other way, the evil road they will boo and scream in terror as you walk around, but that is not all you will grow devil horns that will grow bigger the more evil deeds you do. If you eat to much good and fat food you will become fat, if you get hurt fighting bandits or other monsters you will get scars. If you use your sword to much you will grow muscles, if you use your bow to much you will become more nimble and skinny, if you use your magic to much blue veins will start appearing on your body. These changes are all part of your experience!

There are alot of quests and the map is big so there is alot of exploring that can be done, you can also earn titles that is what the people you meet will call you as your name. The default is Chicken Chaser, but there are merchant that sell several other titles that you can buy, or after you reach certain criteria you will be able to use them for free.

Images of the game will be coming and added to my image gallery so keep an eye out for that! 

That was all i had today. Tomorrow is Friday so i will be back with another post tomorrow!