Today was the second day of easter.. we had leftovers since yesterday and as yesterday i ate to much… But tomorrow is the last day of easter and then its back to the “normal” days. The rest of today i actually spent catching up on some Animé i have missed, spring season has officially started […]

Today i used for catching up on all anime episodes i havent had the time to watch. I must say that fairytale and Grimm adventures was both top today! Tomorrow is Monday again and i do have to finish writing my activity explanation for my uni. But i almost finished it aswell so tomorrow that […]

So this morning i woke up, my mouth was dry and i didnt cough. Wich was great but as soon as i drank some water the cough came back…  But i looked outside and the lawn, trees, the road and the town was white. I felt at peace and it looked so nice!  I had […]

Todays blog is not a long one cause i havent been doing tons of stuff today! So today i was taking it easy, didnt do much just listened to music and watched animé and some youtube videos. But i just felt like rewatching a really cute animé that i havent watched since it was released.  […]