Friday and the snow has fallen.

So this morning i woke up, my mouth was dry and i didnt cough. Wich was great but as soon as i drank some water the cough came back… 

But i looked outside and the lawn, trees, the road and the town was white. I felt at peace and it looked so nice! 

I had to go out to do some grocery shopping and picking up my books i ordered 2 weeks ago. I got home and notice i only gotten two of the books! So i email the customer support and asks where the last book is, and then i get an email answering my question “A package is being delivered” so now i emailed the customer support in vain. 

Tomorrow is Saturday and im gonna start with my retake exam aswell as some preperations for next week.

During today i also caught up on a few anime episodes so all is well!