Saturday the horses didnt go my way..

So today is Saturday and in Sweden we have something called V75 wich is pretty much horse raceing, 7 laps with between 8-15 horses in each lap. I bet 48 SEK on these races but sadly only got 4 out of 7 correctly. Need atleast 5 out of 7 to win. So no luck today! 

I also streamed today, had a great time talking to everyone. Didnt start the exam get but i have a draft ready so just need to get that down 🙂 

Tomorrow is Sunday and gonna do some cleaning and potentially do some last minute christmas shopping. 

I also been thinking about how big the recap of this year will be, and from the points i have gathered it will be big 😂 it will contain stories, pictures, tweets, memories, future plans and more so gotta make the draft and then on the 31st it will be here! 

Today was a good day, not to much coughing and felt rather ok. But had an headache so that was the only downside for today.