Thursday the cough came back?!

So today i woke up and as soon as i opened my eyes i started coughing and coughing and coughing.. I have had days where i cough but not like this, so today i taken my max dose with this meds. Wich is a total of 15ML/3 times a day MAX and it helped partly. I also have been drinking lots of hot drinks to ease the cough but it has been one of the days when nothing seems to help.

Tomorrow is Friday and i plan to finish part 1 of my retake exam or atleast try to finish it, i need to write 2 A4 pages roughly explaining the benefits about why children need to move around and not sit still all day. I also have the second part wich is when i lead something so that i hope to do next week. 

Finally i gotta say that its 3 weeks left of 2018 3 weeks! 2018 have passed crazy fast and i have experienced so much this year that it is crazy!

I hope you have had/are having a good day!