Wednesday so tired..

So today i didnt wanna wake up i was completely out of the loop.. I couldnt move and my body just screamed stay in bed… I mean i wouldnt complain IF today wouldnt be lecture day but cause of this i missed it, this stupid flu and cough is killing my education. But next week im going and i aim to be well enough for it! All i can do is rest and drink hot beverages and try and stay ontop of the subject.. I have 1 week to do my retake exam aswell so that will be finished this weekend i hope.

The current special education subject is so intressting and it kills me that i am missing out cause i really wanna learn alot from this… 

Tomorrow is Thursday and i hope my headache, bodyache and all this cold business goes away cause im tired of this.. 5 weeks and counting.

Sorry this is starting to affect me negative so im sorry that todays blogpost contains me complaining but this was my day.