Tuesday trying something new.

So im still sick, and still coughing BUT my father said: “let’s try ginger, lemon and honey” i personally dont like honey but im getting kinda desperate.. 

So i tried it in the evening and i stopped coughing hard atleast for now! So i hope this will lead to a much faster recovery now. 

I also listened to lectures today and we have started the special education subject wich is where we learn about the various disabilities and more. But the thing i heard today broke my heart, the fact that we have through the past 60ish years blamed the kids with ADD, ADHD, etc etc that its their own problem and that they should just adapt to class, school. Just makes me realise how happy i am that there is now today studies on these kids and their enviorments. But also what this leads to, it leads to a greater understanding on how preschool teachers need to keep an eye and ear out in order to catch these kids before they fall into the wrong category. I mean you all probably have heard someone saying “that kid means double” or “that kid can never stay still”. Next time dont judge before you know, maybe the kid has a need to move cause excessive energy or maybe it can be that it dont wanna be still. 

There are so much to learn and it is exciting to say the least!