Monday came with a fever.

So yesterday i was feeling pretty okey, but today have been a downhill for my wellbeing… i woke up and went down had breakfast didnt feel anything, but that changed quickly. After the breakfast i started coughing and just felt like something was stuck in my throat, then i had to go out for grocery shopping and that was when everything went downhill. I couldnt breath properly, i started freezing, headache and i just wanted to sleep. So got home ate a small lunch and sat down and relaxed. 

Later the afternoon i got offered work on Friday and i said i can, but if this continues i wont even be able to get out of bed… So i hope today was just a 1 day thing, cause tomorrow marks me being sick for 5 weeks! 

5 whole weeks with coughing and more coughing… 

But atleast my Nintendo Switch was sent to the post terminal so should have it in a day or two! 

Now i will call it a day!