Sunday youtube and games.

So today i uploaded 2 new Uno games onto my youtube channel, i gotta say its fun being back to make the videos, even tho i cant talk yet i will soon be starting the letsplay serie of Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet wich one the vote i had on my twitter:

So that is coming in a few weeks after i have finished uploading all the parts of my UNO video i recorded! You can check out todays videos here:

Tomorrow is Monday again and im gonna start reading the things i gotta read before Wednesday, and hopefully i will have recovered enough and not coughing so hard anymore so i can actually be part of the lecture on Wednesday!

Next week im getting this: 

And im so excited to unbox this! I am gonna feel like a 10 year old again! ( i was 10 when i tried playing pokémon Red for the first time.) It will be amazing and i cant wait to walk around with my team all over the Kanto region again. I do need to think of what team im gonna go with, I do want Ninetales and Dragonite on the team for sure. But unsure what the others will be! But i will keep you guys and girls updated on the team i go with! Im thinking of having Dewgong in the team aswell cause i really like that pokémon aswell!

It is gonna be an exciting week next week and i hope that you will have a great start on the new week tomorrow!