Saturday Fable and Switch!

So today i been pretty much playing Fable Anniversary, wich i talked about 2 days ago aswell. But it is just so much fun and the fact that i keep going through the game more and more makes me remember. 

But i also managed to squeeze in an anime episode and play some Maplestory aswell. Havent been the most productive day but i have had fun! 

I also ordered my special edition Eevee Nintendo Switch today! I cant wait to install it next week and finally try lets go Eevee. Also next week is the start of the last subject for my second semester in Uni, i have a hard time realizing it is soon one year since i started studying. This past year has been amazing and new friends and classmates, but it hasnt only been awesome. But i will get back to that in the last blogpost of the year, when i do a huge recap of what this year has contained for me. 

I also notice alot of people are reading my blog and you have my thanks for reading about my life! 

Tomorrow is Sunday and who knows what tomorrow will bring!