Today was a work day again, this whole week is filled with work except that there is a lecture tomorrow. with course introduction. Today have been a good day tho, the sun was shining and it was really nice outside so majority of today was spent outside. But i think i am getting a cold […]

Yes today i have been sleeping pretty much all day, no energy and coughing abit is not a good combo… This summer cold is horrible and now that the humidity will skyrocket for 1 month this might be a pain in the butt.. For the next couple of days i will be trying to get […]

So yesterday i was feeling pretty okey, but today have been a downhill for my wellbeing… i woke up and went down had breakfast didnt feel anything, but that changed quickly. After the breakfast i started coughing and just felt like something was stuck in my throat, then i had to go out for grocery […]