This will be a short blogpost cause today i pretty much have been resting all day. Why have i been resting all day? I have been completely out of energy, no matter what i do to boost my energy today, i have felt completely drained so i have been taking naps and resting the whole […]

Today i woke up cause of birds singing quite loudly outside my window.. I dont mind it, but i was feeling lazy so i opened the curtains and went back to bed abit longer. The rest of the day i havent really been doing anything, tomorrow ima do the laundry and clean abit but other […]

Today was another Monday but today was stressful for me at work. It felt like it was so chaotic and i did not have the amount of energy i would need today but that was to be expected after 4 days of being sick.. But when i got home nu back gave up completely i […]

Todays lecture was about technical education and biology (bioms). It was intresting to learn about these things, BUT i was so tired and low on energy cause i felt sick… So after i was done at campus i went home, had lunch and kinda fell asleep and been sleeping off and on for the past […]

So since im still sick, i decided to start watching something on netflix and came across the serie called I Zombie. I have already finished the 1st season so today i went through the second season instead. It have some intressting thoughts, what if your a zombie and every brain you eat gives u all […]