Yes today starting at 8:30am until 3pm me and my classmates were doing exam preps. Reflections, theater, more reflections and then when i got home around 4pm, i took something to eat and had a nap. Tomorrow is lecture day and then the next coming days will go to prepare for next weeks big exam… […]

Today i went to the forest to start my group biology assignment, so we were checking the forest for what different plants, trees, animals we could find and in what categories to place the findings into. The rest of the day was spent not really doing anything, cause i didnt feel like doing anything. I […]

Today started with work again and we went to the library to borrow some new books and then after we were done there it was almost time for lunch, the time ran away we but it was a great work day non the less! After work i went and did some grocery shopping and then […]

Today started at 7 or 8 am and after 30 minutes i crashed asleep again i was so tired no energy… Then i woke up at 10 instead and went up had some breakfast and then went out for grocery shopping and had some lunch. Laid down on the couch watching some random movie on […]

Today i have taken it slow, watched animé, played some more house flipper and watched youtube but i also took a nice 2 hour nap! Today have been uneventfull but the nap was really really nice! Could probably taken a longer one but atleast it was a nice nap. The issue i have at the […]